July 24, 2019


My microwave has a turntable that slowly rotates while the microwave is on. This is pretty common, but the turntable has a bit of a quirk. It doesn’t rotate at a consistent rate, but hesitates every quarter turn or so.

Tuuuuuurn, pause. Tuuuuuurn, pause.

For years, this has unsettled me. Is something wrong with it? Will it stop working altogether soon?

Tonight I watched a mug of warm milk in the microwave.

Tuuuuuurn, pause. Tuuuuuurn, pause.

I watched the milk gently slosh back and forth in the mug.

Tuuuuuurn, pause. Tuuuuuurn, pause.

I had a new thought. Does the sloshing help the milk heat more evenly? What if the turntable is supposed to do that?

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